Rehabilitation & Respite


Our progressive rehabilitation program achieves excellent outcomes providing superb rehabilitative services by our experienced and caring professional therapists.

We offer physical, occupational and speech therapy 7 days a week.

Our state of the art equipment and ADL kitchen give residents the strength they need to resume their normal functioning and return home.

We specialize in stroke rehabilitation, joint replacements, hip fracture, neurological disorders, arthritis and extended non weight bearing injuries.

Our goal for our short term rehab residents is to discharge them back to the community and this goal is set by our interdisciplinary team of licensed and experienced nursing staff and therapists upon admission.

We offer one to one therapy giving our residents a personalized productive experience.


Monmouth care center is please to offer Short term respite stays for one week, or even a few months. This allows our future residents to get acclimated to living in a healthcare facility, and also gives respite to  families or caregivers that need time to themselves or planning a vacation. knowing that their loved one is in a secure, safe and nurturing environment with their medical and social needs being met is very comforting.