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For more information, the CDC has a comprehensive Coronavirus Disease 2019 - COVID-19 page at


The CDC has information on how you can support your loved one while they are in a long term care center.


The COVID-19 Weekly CALI and Variant Surveillance Reports can be found at


Facility Covid-19 Information:

We have 0 new Resident confirmed Covid-19 cases

We have 0 new Staff confirmed Covid-19 Cases


Guidelines, Visitation & Enhanced Measures

General Visitor Guidelines:

As communities start to loosen COVID-19 restrictions, we wanted to share an update on visitation

guidelines. Genesis-affiliated centers are currently offering indoor visitation for all residents (regardless

of vaccination status), with the exception of the three scenarios listed below. CMS, the federal agency

that regulates nursing centers, has updated its visitation guidance due to high resident vaccination rates

and a drop in COVID-19 cases around the country. The following are the three scenarios where indoor

visits would not permit per CMS:



If the center’s county positivity rate is greater than 10% AND less than 70% of residents in the facility are

fully vaccinated, then unvaccinated residents may not receive visits;

Residents with confirmed COVID-19, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, usually may not receive visits

until they meet criteria for discontinuation of transmission-based precautions; and

Residents in quarantine (observation), whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, usually may not receive

visits until they have met criteria for release from quarantine.



Because the facilities visitation status can vary based on a few factors, we ask that you call the facilities

Hotline to determine if the center is open to Limited Indoor Visitation or General Indoor Visitation as a

starting point. Limited Indoor Visitation means that one of the three scenarios listed above are a

concern and visitation is limited to certain wings or compassionate care visits only. Please contact us

directly to determine current visitation protocols and to schedule an appointment, if available. With

General Indoor Visitation, centers are at different stages of opening up to visitation. In some centers,

regular visiting hours have resumed, while other centers are still requiring an appointment based on

community prevalence. Please contact us directly to determine current visitation policies before

traveling to the center.



We would like to thank all families and friends for their continued support of our patients and residents,

and for your patience and support during this pandemic.  


Steven Share, Administrator, Monmouth Care Center, Phone 732-229-4300 Ext. 101